A crappy world of plot holes and spelling errors. (spinizuey) wrote in long_lost_radio,
A crappy world of plot holes and spelling errors.

band inquiry...

Ok.. I need some help remembering a band. I heard the last 5 seconds of a song I haven't heard since the early/mid-nineties and I really REALLY like the song. I was pleased to hear it, but like the typical dj he was, he didn't even mention the band name. I tried the website and it wasn't listed there either. poo.

I tried searching through iTunes musicstore too, just in case I could catch it in the lists, but I don't know the title of the song either!

I *do* remember the rythym (which I can't reproduce here) and what I believe are some of the lyrics. I've never actually known the lyrics so if I'm wrong/off, then you know why. *gulp* Here goes nothing..

"i'm the one that you want..(?)" then later in the song, and the end "so i might as well crash" ? i think.

It's got a dark sound to it and the vocals are fuzzy under the music. I remember hearing this very popular song a LOT when it was regularly played.

Even your best guess is much appreciated. Thanks so much!
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